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Passover: A Holy Cleansing Fire

אש הקודש הבוער בכל עת בלב המתעורר לעומת כל רעיון של קדושה, של אצילות רוח ושל תגבורת אהבה האלוקית,

זהו אור הנשמה

כשאדם מרגיש אותו בקרבו, ידע שנשמתו השמימית, אור הנצח

שולחת לו את קוויה המאירים

הראי"ה קוק

The Holy Fire ablaze at every moment in the heart, awakens, in contradistinction to every idea of holiness, of noble spirit and of fortification of Divine Love.

This (Holy fire) is Light of the Soul.

When one feels this within, he knows his celestial soul, light of eternity, is sending to him its shafts of radiance.

– Rav A. Y. Kook

The holy fire in our souls, described so eloquently by Rav Kook is especially felt during the festivals such as Passover, shafts of divine radiation from our souls, awakening our hearts. Being connected to the Divine within is so healing for the body and the soul.

After Passover, you are invited to continue to connect to your inner self and heal. Spirit Wings Healing offers you transformational healing work that provides you with the tools to do just that.

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