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Refund Policy

For Spirit Wings Healing Facilitation Agreement
Refund Policy for Silver, Gold or other Total Health Breakthrough Programs (from herein "the Program")

Please read the following completely and carefully before signing your Healing Facilitation Agreement ("the Agreement"). Signing the Agreement indicates that you agree to comply to the following refund policy between the "Facilitator" and the "Client"
See also the Spirit Wings® Disclaimer and Terms of Service.

1.      Our Refund Policy

1.1    Payment for any Spirit Wings Healing Facilitation program is considered final once the transaction has been made.

         You may receive Partial Refund for cancellation within 26 days of signing the Agreement

1.2    Our Refund policy works in the following manner:

(a)     You may choose to cancel your program for any reason and with no questions asked
          within 26 days of signing your Healing Facilitation agreement and receive a partial refund.

(b)     If requested within 26 days, you will receive a refund of %50 of the program cost minus a $50 cancellation processing fee,
          if you choose to terminate your participation in the program within this time frame.

          No Refund after 26 days from the signing the Agreement

(c)      After 26 days from the signing of the agreement, no refund will be issued for cancellation of participation in your Program


          Cancellation Process

1.3    To cancel, please send an email to and request the cancellation

1.4     Processing the cancellation may take up to two weeks until the refund is credited to your account

1.5     After cancellation, you may keep and use any materials that you have downloaded according to our EULA.


2.       Time Limitations for Your Program ( Automatic 18 day extension)

2.1     If you have not completed your program within the time frame of the given program,
          you will have a 18 day grace period in which you may still book and receive healing facilitation processes
          and receive the consultations that are a part of your program's parameters.

2.2     After 18 days from the end date of you program, any unused time or services will not be honored 
          and your program will be considered terminated even if you did not finish the program.
          After this date, receiving further facilitation will involve additional payment for services rendered. 

2.3     Under extreme extenuating circumstance the time limit may be extended under the discretion of the Facilitator
2.4     If the Client believes he/she should receive an extension. Please send an email to
          to request an extension and also provide an explanation why you believe that you require an extension.

3.      Other Circumstances for Termination of the Agreement

3.1    Falsification of information in your agreement or false information discussed orally that causes harm
          or make facilitation not possible for the Client may be grounds for termination of the agreement and your program.
          No refund will be issued under such circumstances.

3.2     Any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the period of the client's program
           that render healing facilitation impossible to complete, may obligate the Facilitator to terminate the Client's program.
           No refund will be issued under such circumstances.


3.       Our details

3.1     This website is owned and operated by Zerach Moshe Fedder.

3.2     We are registered as Israeli Independent Business (Osek Patur) under registration number 302033923.

3.3     Our principal place of business is at P.O.B. 311, Jerusalem Israel.

3.4     You can contact us:

(a)       by post, using the postal address given above;

(b)       using our website contact form;

(c)        by telephone,  +972-54-4210109; or

(d)        by email, using

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