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Total Health Breakthrough Program

Four Month Healing Package

Total Maximum Support

The Spirit Wings Gold program provides you with maximum support and cutting-edge holistic therapies to enable you to heal yourself easily, effortlessly and rapidly. 

  • Initial Health Assessment Survey to build your individualized health recovery program

  • Three Spirit Wings Guided Meditation Therapy Sessions per month for spiritual, emotional and physical healing

  • Monthly Pre-recorded Audio Lectures on how to achieve Vibrant Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Health

  • Final Health Assessment survey to plan how to maintain the new healthy you

In Addition, in order to enhance your physical wellness this program also includes:

  • A Comprehensive Dietary Assessment and Wellness Food and Beverage Plan to strengthen and detox your body

  • An Individualized Vitamins and Food Supplements Plan to strengthen and detox your body


In order to cover the entire spectrum of your spiritual, emotional and physical healing, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • Recommendations for Homeopathic Remedies for you to strengthen your vital force assist in your healing process

  • Personal Assistance in Ordering Homeopathic remedies and food supplements (cost and purchase of products not included in the package)

  • Exercise and Bodywork Recommendations to uncover what type of physical fitness plan best fits your temperament and lifestyle

  • One Guided Meditation Recording for daily use to support your healing

  • Unlimited Email Support answered within 24 hours

  • Weekly, scheduled 10 minute Follow Up Support Calls 

  • Prayers for Your Health Said Daily in Jerusalem!

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