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Who Is
Zerach Moshe Fedder?

Holistic Health Practitioner

Zerach Moshe Fedder provides you with Spirit Wngs, the Best Jewish Holistic Healing Program

Hi, My name is Zerach Moshe Fedder and I live in Jerusalem, Israel.

My calling in life has become to help people to heal themselves
via Guided Meditation Therapy.

I continue to accomplish this purpose through developing and practicing
Spirit Wings Healing with my cherished clients.

Spirit Wings is a unique Jewish Meditation Healing System, inspired from ideas and practices found in the Jewish Kabbalah tradition and drawing from
new Mind/Body modalities such as The Journey by Brandon Bays, One Brain Kinesiology, Touch for Health and TAT.

I work with people, who are in emotional or physical pain,
and thus might feel angry, or alienated from G-d.

My offer and desire is to help my clients make peace with G-d,
and effectively release the root cause of their symptoms, becoming happy and content with their lives again.

When my clients achieve this deep and profound change of awareness and achieve long lasting tranquility, their bodies and emotions usually heal dramatically from the influence of this change.

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