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What Is
Spirit Wings Healing?

How Can I Heal Myself using
Jewish Guided Meditation?

Spirit Wings Healing is a guided meditation modality that draws upon the guidance and teachings from Divine Jewish teachings known collectively as the Torah. 


Guided meditation is an especially effective meditation practice for achieving fast and effortless results.  Guided meditation is also sometimes referred to as guided imagery or visualization.


The purpose of the development of this method is to provide a Guided Meditation Healing Method that draws upon the Jewish Tradition and does not contradict it in any manner.


The general purpose of all guided meditation therapies is address your specific challenging health and emotional issues, uncover the root cause of whatever needs addressing, and help you to resolves these issues completely.


The meditative state enables you to search deep within, to places where you will be able to uncover answers and solutions from your own body/mind's wisdom.


Once you uncover memories related to your issue, you are then encouraged to empty out all the associated negative emotions related to these memories and open into a state of deep forgiveness. Once completely free from old negative emotional energy, physical healing at a cellular level can take place.

The Jewish approach to guided meditation in the Spirit Wings Healing modality calls upon the traditional Jewish understanding of our inner landscape. Terminology from the teachings of the Inner Torah describe the experience of the inner search and healing process. For example, a Spirit Wings Healing Process may begin with personal prayer, donating to charity and performing a “pidyon nefesh.” 

During a Spirit Wings Healing process you may envision yourself dialoguing with your soul, your good inclination, your evil inclination, G-d, and even with great Tzaddikim from our past – in order to achieve clarity of purpose, emotional freedom, self-forgiveness and, above all, an experiential inner awareness of HaShem’s light and love. This awareness can easily be achieved and becomes the basis for your ultimate emotional and physical healing to transpire.

G-d is our ultimate Healer and you can choose to let Him heal you.

Zerach Moshe Fedder provides you with Spirit Wngs, the Best Jewish Holistic Healing Program
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