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What Is Guided Meditation?

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Guided Meditation refers to using meditative and visualization techniques as healing therapy. Many people are aware of or practice meditation for relaxation or as a spiritual discipline. Guided Meditation as a therapeutic method refers to using meditative techniques specifically for therapeutic improvement in your physical and/or mental health.

When you achieve a positive meditative state, both the emotions and the body become more amicable to the release of negative influences and welcome in positive vitality, which will usually lead to emotional and physical healing of the body and mind.

Will it work for me? Guided Meditation as therapy has been known to work successfully for many illnesses and conditions. Conditions range from assisting in the healing of serious chronic illnesses to resolution of traumatic emotional issues.

This method is for you if you no longer wish to be a victim of circumstance and remain in a quagmire of pain and hopelessness, and instead decide that you desire to break through into awareness of your inherent inner happiness and freedom.

It is for you if you wish to embrace your true potential and to live your life as a full expression of yourself as a holy, spiritual being and have the burning to the desire to be free of old negative patterns.

What conditions can Guided Meditation help? Guided Meditation can help people suffering from a variety of physical diseases, behavioral problems and general emotional issues. Emotional issues include low self-esteem, stress, anger, guilt, grief, depression, panic attacks, phobias, anxiety, difficulty finding a marriage partner, recovery from divorce, and many others.

Physical conditions that respond favorably to Guided Meditation include diseases that have a strong emotional component such as difficulty in weight loss, addictions, adult bed-wetting, recurring headaches, chronic back and neck pain, skin conditions, IBS, difficulties in becoming pregnant, autoimmune diseases and even cancer.

Clients find deep relief through really getting to the core of their issues and fully releasing the negative energy surrounding these ailments. When you dive deeply into the core of your issues and release them, cellular healing can occur and facilitate your recovery from many physical illnesses and emotional issues.

How many sessions will I require to show improvement? Everyone is unique. The amount of sessions you require ultimately depends upon you and the depth and extent of your emotional issues and physical challenges, and upon how willing you are to reveal and release the negative thoughts and emotions that have been the source of your health problems.

In my experience, it usually takes at least six sessions to achieve permanent and lasting improvement or change. Therefore, I offer treatment programs that provide a minimum of eight sessions.

How long are Guided Meditation sessions?

At the beginning, each process can take two to three hours. As you progress, sessions make shorten to be an hour length.

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