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Discover Your Spirit Wings!

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What does Canfey Ruach Actually Mean?

Canfey Ruach translates literally as Wings of Spirit or Spirit Wings.

What is the meaning or implication of the expression: Spirit Wings? The meaning of the expression Spirit Wings is discussed in the Holy Zohar, the seminal work of Jewish Mysticism.

On page 98b in the Section called Saba D'Mishpatim (Grandfather of Edicts), the Zohar explains the meaning of a passage in Psalms where the expression "Spirit Wings" appears:

"He lays the beams of His high chambers with water, who places the clouds for His chariot, who goes upon wings of spirit." - Psalms 104:3

The Holy Zohar comments:

"..who goes on wings of spirit, to give healing to the world. This is Raphael." - Zohar 98b

The name of the angel, Raphael translates as "G-d heals", i.e., the Angel of Healing. And to this exegeses, the Sainted Rav Kook of blessed memory adds:

"Son of Adam, Go Upward, Arise, for within you is incredible potential power. You Have Spirit Wings,

Majestic Wings of Eagles. Do not deny them, lest they deny you. Request these wings and you will find them immediately."

- Orot HaKodesh, pg. 64

Spirit Wings Defined! Everyone has Spirit Wings, their own personal Angel of Healing. G-d goes on Spirit Wings to heal you. Uncover and awaken your personal Spirit Wings, your own Angel of Healing, your spiritual potential to heal yourself. Uncover and apply your Spirit Wings to connect with G-d, transform and heal your life.

Spirit Wings Healing is a critically acclaimed, Jewish-based healing and transformational modality. Spirit Wings Healing process work give you the tools to necessary to experience this truth about yourself and apply this to heal your life. Not to read about it, not to think about it – Experience it and apply this to heal your life.

Uncover your own Canfey Ruach, your Spirit Wings, and transform your life for the better, easily and permanently. Your Spirit Wings are waiting for you to discover them!

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